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Every household in Pakistan receives bills whether it is monthly bank statement, a phone bill, gas bill, electric bill or water bill. Customers open and read their bills and account statements as they contain relevant information either at individual or household level. Bills and statement are often viewed more than once, as they usually are left in a pile or pinned to board until they are paid or filed. It is natural for consumers to spend more time looking at their bills, statements and customer correspondence than other stand-alone forms of advertising.
Utility bills give you the capability to deliver your advertising message to 29.1 million households of Pakistan through WAPDA, KESC, SSGC, PTCL and SNGPL collectively with in 20 working days. Our unique subscriber base is 19.5 million nationwide. On average 6.5 persons are living per house. Our total population is 160 million as per latest census report. In Pakistan there are 24.61 million households. This means our reach is 79.23% on the basis of unique households which is greater than newspaper and TV subscribers. One bill is viewed by minimum three persons and generates 7 ad views/ impression till the bill is paid as per market research.
Through PowerAD, you can advertise on utility bills, undeniably the most powerful instruments with which you can penetrate into any and every household in Pakistan. Now you can customize your advertising campaign by specifying the regions, cities, particular areas within a city and even the number of households that you want to reach. With thoroughly adaptable packages, PowerAD will help your brand to break through the clutter of everyday advertising and strike head-on at the very core of your niche market.
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