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AC Nielsen Research
AC Nielsen India conducted a research for a Utility Bill Ad Space Selling company “Axis Ad-Print Media (India) Ltd." in August 2007. The purpose of the research was to measure the reach and effectiveness of UB medium. The research targeting the house holds took in a sample of 854 respondents of age 18+ that were exposed to the electricity bills.
According to AC Nielsen India findings, the total spontaneous plus aided recall of ads is 50%. The recall (spontaneous + aided) for electricity bill elements is as follows:
Tariff details 51 %, Ads 50%, Messages 35%, Due date 88%, Units consumed 85% and Past Consumption 61%.
In HH's where primarily one member is exposed to the bill, it is generally males (husband). While, within households with higher reach (3 members) for electricity bills, children and wives account for a good proportion of the audience.
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AC Nielsen Research
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