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Q. What is the product that you are selling?
We sell advertisement spaces on utility bills. We are in exclusive contract with WAPDA, KESC & SNGPL. You can advertise your company using the advertisement spaces on utility bills provided by us.
Q. Where can I place my advertisement?
Each Bill has a specific portion where the billing amount and payment instructions are given. There is one advertisement space on the front and two spaces on the back. You can place your advertisement in any combination on those spaces. For details about these spaces, please read WAPDA Bill Format.
Q. What are the ad sizes?
There are different advertisement spaces available on the utility bill. Those spaces are categorized in different sizes on front and back based on your preferences for your convenience and proper budget allocation. You can choose one or more of the spaces based upon your preferences and advertisement size. For details about these spaces, please read WAPDA Bill Format. format.
Q. Are ad sizes different in every company?
Since the bill formats are different for every company. Ad sizes are different as well. For details about these spaces, please read WAPDA Bill Format.
Q. What are the main features of this medium?
The main features are
• Reach of 21 Million Households
• Targeted Reach
• Flexible Medium
• Better Reach in Remote Areas
• Un-cluttered Medium
• Cost Efficient Medium
• Better Alternative of Direct Mail
• Guaranteed Delivery
• No cost impact on recall AD
• Completely Unavoidable
Q. Can I place my ad anywhere on the bill?
Sure you can, If you come first. We allocate spaces on a first come first serve basis. Anyone who comes first gets the first available slot and so on and so forth.
Q. What is the starting date for distribution of bills?
The distribution for different companies is different.
      WAPDA: Distribution starts from 10 – 15 of every month and takes 20 working days for bills to be distributed completely with 5 % distribution for each locality per day.
      KESC: Distribution starts from 8 – 10 of every month and takes 20 working days for bills to be distributed completely with 5 % distribution for each locality per day.
      SNGPL: Distribution is divided into separate areas and there are no specific dates in general. Each area has separate distribution dates which can be confirmed by our Media Kit Here.
Q. How are the bills distributed?
Distribution is general. Bills are randomly distributed in the areas you select for distribution. For example, if there are 400,000 bills in South Circle of Lahore and you buy advertisement space for your ad on 100,000 bills and select South as your target areas, then 100,000 bills with your advertisement be printed and distributed randomly throughout those areas throughout South Circle of Lahore. If you select advertisement on all 400,000 bills, you can reach every household in your selected South Circle
Q. Is Distribution Company wise or General?
Distribution is company wise. For example if you choose to advertise on WAPDA, then you can be sure, it will reach people who are WAPDA Subscribers. This eliminates the budget wastage and narrows down your target market. You hit the right people at the right time.
Q. How are the viewers targeted?
The viewers can be targeted according to Region and city. For further details, see Target your Customers and/ or download the Media Kit Here.
Q. What targeting methods are available to segment and target my campaign?
You can select your target market based on
      i. Region
      ii. City
      iii. Circle
For example if you want to buy 2 million bills throughout Pakistan, we can divide your bills for maximum penetration and absorption throughout Pakistan.
Karachi 300, 000, Hyderabad 100,000, Sukkur 100,000, DG Khan 150,000, Multan 200,000, Sahiwal 100,000 , Lahore 250,000, Gujranwala 100,000, Sialkot 50.000, Rawalpindi 150,000. Peshawar, 150,000, Mardan, 50,000, Sargodha, 50,000 and Faisalabad 250,000. In the above distribution you will get maximum penetration in your desired market for your selected campaign.
Q. Is this medium Effective?
This medium is one of the most effective medium for message delivery. For details, please see Effective Market Mix.
Q. Have other companies succeeded using this medium?
Yes there are hundreds of reputed companies who have used this medium to advertise their products and succeed. For details see our Clientele.
Q. Is this medium flexible enough to target my customers?
Yes, definitely. In fact this is the uniqueness of this medium. You can select your targeted customers to the least possible level. You can categorize and select your target customers based on Region, City or circle. You can choose both number of bills to print your advertisement on and area(s) of interest.
Q. How can I be sure of my message delivery?
Your success will say it all. How ever for guarantees, it’s like if you don’t get utility bill, you won’t get nothing. They come in every month and you are used to of them just like breathing. The bills are guaranteed to be delivered by our “utility companies”.
Q. Do the targets really view the advertisement or just ignore it?
This medium is the most powerful print medium. It is undeniable with the longest validity period of one month. No one can ignore it because it is a utility bill and every one who gets a bill, views your advertisement definitely.
Q. How can I verify the delivery of my advertisement?
It is generally not done but on customer’s demand, a delivery verification certificate from the utility company like WAPDA, KESC or SNGPL is issued for auditing or verification purposes.
Q. How can I be sure of my success?
You can be sure of your success because our expert business analysts analyze your campaign and suggest and design it for maximum effectiveness and penetration.
Q. What do my viewer has to pay for viewing this advertisement?
Luckily the best things in the world are free and utility bills are free to get as well. The user does not have to pay anything to get your advertisement. It’s absolutely free to receive.
Q. Are there any Qualitative or Quantitative analysis available for your product?
Yes indeed there is. You can check it out both Quantitative Analysis and Qualitative Analysis.
Q. How can I be sure that you are telling the truth?
The success of our prestigious clients is a speak-itself proof. You can see our clientele and read their success stories.
Q. What is the minimum amount of bills to be selected?
There should be a minimum of 100,000 bills to place the advertisement on for any campaign. Any combination and targeting is possible.
Q. What campaign options are available if I am making a Bulk Deal?
If you are a bulk buyer, then we can negotiate campaign on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. This type of deal is most suited if you want to run your campaign over longer periods of time. We can set your campaign every month on pre-decided specific number of bills every month. For example If you want to buy 10 million bills for one year, we can send specific number of bills every month lets say 1 million for January, 1.5 million for February, 0.7 million for march, 0.5 million for April, 12.2 million for May and so on.
Q. What if I want to cancel my order?
The order at any stage can not be cancelled but can be rescheduled to another month before the initiation of printing process.
Q. Do I have to pay the full budget in advance?
No, Absolutely Not! The payment is divided in three steps.
      i. 50% payment in advance
      ii. 25% payment after approval of printed proof.
      iii. Remaining 25% must be paid before bill distribution.
Q. Will the campaign fit into my budget?
Yes it definitely will. You can almost select any reasonable number of bills for your advertisement and select your preferred target areas for distribution of those bills. Our rates for advertisement campaigns are flexible and can easily fit into your budget. Just send us an email for further details.
Q. I am still not sure whether to use this medium or not?
This is an effective medium and people are using it extensively now for advertisement. Just send us an email and we will post you our media kit and an intro CD for better understanding of this medium’s usage and benefits. You can alternatively download our media kit here.
Q. How can I place an order and get details?
Just use the numbers provided on contact us page anytime in business hours and we will send our sales person to you within 1 business day for negotiating further details with you.
Q. What is the cost comparison between this medium and other print media?
This medium is contemptible than other mediums when viewed by effectiveness parameter. For details please see the cost comparison.
Q. My Query is still unanswered. What should I do?
Just send us an email and we will get back to you within a day or two. You can contact any person from our Contact us Page for direct dealing or settlement of appointment for a personal meeting.
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