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Product Features
Every household in Pakistan receives bills whether it is monthly bank statement, a phone bill, gas bill, electric bill or water bill. Customers open and read their bills and account statements as they contain relevant information either at individual or household level. Bills and statement are often viewed more than once, as they usually are left in a pile or pinned to board until they are paid or filed. It is natural for consumers to spend more time looking at their bills, statements and customer correspondence than other stand-alone forms of advertising.
01: Reach of 29.1 Million Households
Utility bills give you the capability to deliver your advertising message to 29.1 million households of Pakistan through WAPDA, KESC, SSGC, PTCL and SNGPL collectively with in 20 working days. Our unique subscriber base is 19.5 million nationwide. On average 6.5 persons are living per house. Our total population is 160 million as per latest census report. In Pakistan there are 24.61 million households. This means our reach is 79.23% on the basis of unique households which is greater than newspaper and TV subscribers. One bill is viewed by minimum three persons and generates 7 ad views/ impression till the bill is paid as per market research.
Total Impressions/ Ad views are generated is 2.444 Billion in one year and reach is 1.0476 Billion.
02: Targeted Reach
PowerAD enables you to select the cities and localities within city to target your potential and niche markets. This medium gives you more control to manage your media spillovers.
03: Customer Relationship
Bill is the main transaction driver which generates the customer relationship with individual or household on long term basis and creates the brand loyalty, integrity and brand image. Cross selling on bill will generate more business and open new doors to acquiring more customers and households.
04: Flexible Medium
PowerAD gives the complete control to client to select number of subscribers with in city which is to be targeted. This means client define its targeted reach himself to achieve his marketing objectives for
Circles Areas Total Subscribers Targeted Subscribers
KESC- DHA DHA, Clifton, 262,294 150,000
LESCO-South DHA, Gulberg 417,524 200,000
IESCO-Islamabad Islamabad City 240,217 100,000
FESCO-Faisalabad I Peoples Colony, 575,843 150,000
MEPCO-Multan Multan City 724,946 140,000
GEPCO-Gujranwala Gujranwala City 413,946 120,000
HESCO- Sukkar Sukkar city 231327 80,000
QESCO-Quetta Quetta City 185,399 80,000
PESCO-Hazara Hazara city 365,444 50,000
FATA- Tribal Areas Fata 279,317 50,000
Note: The distribution of targeted subscribers will be at random within the selected circle, however, we will give more preference to the selected localities within circle; accuracy would be 80 to 90%. At Circle level the accuracy of bill distribution is 99.9%
05:Better Reach in Remote Areas
Utility bills has very effective reach in remote areas. This is very useful for media planners to communicate the advertising message in rural areas for better penetration.
06: Un-cluttered Medium
We have fixed only one advertising spot at front side of the bills, which creates a greater impact as compare to full page of newspaper.
07: Cost Efficient

It is very cost efficient medium since minimum three unique persons view the bills husband, wife and third person could be son / daughter or servant and generates 7 impressions collectively right from the bill receiving day to bill deposit day. Advertising on bills gives you higher ROI as compare to another medium. Its cost you only PKR 33 paisa per impression / ad view.

08: Better Alternative of Direct Mail
Direct postage mail cost in Pakistan is PKR 4.0 and stuffing cost would be around PKR 3.0. Our medium cost is far lower.
09: Guaranteed Delivery
Advertising message is must delivered because it is printed on utility bill. Bills are must delivered since government revenue is linked up. If bill is not delivered, people usually contact the concern office to get the duplicate bill.
10: No cost impact on recall AD
One bill is must seen three different days within one month.
a) Bill Receiving Day
b) Bill Discussed with in family
c) Bill Deposit day
In our medium, client does not need to pay for the recall ad impressions within one month. In Newspaper and TV, you have to pay extra cost for each impression that you receive. This is a big difference which reduces your cost per acquisition.
11: Completely Unavoidable
Utility bills are always seen by the decision maker of the house. Bill can’t be deposited without seeing. Hence advertising message is always delivered.
We will strongly recommend you to advertise on utility bills as per your desired areas
by using media mix strategy and allocate your 15 % advertising budgets for utility bills on regular basis. Then you will see the difference.
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