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Marketing Tools
Advertising on utility bills is an extremely effective marketing tool for building brand awareness, image and equity. Most advertisers have used this medium for regular advertising and consumer promotions to get maximum targeted reach. Given below are four key reasons to go on an advertising trip with PowerAD.
• Regular Product Advertising
• Consumer Promotions
• Corporate Campaigns
• Marketing Research
Regular Product Advertising
Regular advertising or recall advertising is always required and highly recommended by marketers to register the advertising message in the consumer mind. You can use utility bill as an advertising vehicle since its recall is very high and cost effective. You pay for one insertion and get two ad impressions free of cost in unique days within 30 days since the bill is delivered.
Consumer Promotions
You can run consumer promotion (CP) very effectively to generate more sales leads and conversions by approaching targeted areas and do the customization of advertisement if required. You can place your dealers’ addresses and contact information for each city separately. You can convey your advertising message in English language to Defense Clifton area residents and send Urdu message to FB area residents.
You can also use utility bill for pack redemption schemes. You may ask your consumers to send empty pack along with photocopy of your utility bill carrying your advertisement by normal post mail to participate in lucky draw. Once you receive the utility bills this means you have got the 12 months billing history of consumer to know about his lifestyles. You can use this data for future CP.
You can use your advertisement on utility bill as a promotional coupon to provide discount to potential consumer. Consumer will submit this part of bill to retailer or dealer to avail this discount.
Corporate Campaigns
Utility bill is must seen by the decision maker of home. This means corporate campaigns will be very effective and it’s ideal for marketer to run corporate ads on utility bills since they are always targeting decision makers and conveying about their product strength, financial achievement, social contributions and healthy activities.
Marketing Research
Utility bill can also be utilized to get primary data by publishing a simple questionnaire for specific area to get the right product feedback from your served markets.
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