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This medium has a greater reach as compared to others and it gives the targeted reach, flexibility, selection of cities and number of subscribers to be targeted. It is the ultimate objective of any media planner or buyer to have such flexibility and control over medium.

Syed Munir Ahmad Qadri
Manager Buying

Advertising on utility bills is wonderful way to reach every household of Pakistan. This medium is very effective if you are targeting decision maker of the house specially the females.

Brand Manager
Brooke Bond

We are a brand which is always keen to target the families rather than individuals. We found this medium exceptionally good for our campaigns as the whole family shows interest in it. The results are heartening and we are pleased that we went for this medium.

Haroon Rashid
GM Marketing


Last year, we advertised on utility bills especially in Multan region which is our target market and achieved our objectives. Traders and our distributors really like this medium since it is very effective. We will be long term partners with PowerAD.

Mian Mustafa
Director Marketing


We say we deal with heat instantly but the heat of advertising on utility bill advantages was too hot to handle for us. We were amazed by the sudden increase in our product's sales. We sold out instantly in regions far and near thanks to the proposal given to us by the PowerAD executives to come and advertise on utility bills.

M. Bilal
Managing Director


Successful public service messaging is one of the toughest things in advertising field but we managed it quite easily using the medium of utility bills. The beauty of this medium is that even the illiterate are keen to know about the ads printed on bills and of course the medium has an unavoidable reach. We are more than happy with our decision of going on bills.

Najeeb Khan
Health Education Advisor

We found that this medium is very flexible and gives targeted reach to get qualified reach at lowest CPM. We are advertising regularly for better return on advertising spending.

Brand Manager
Uni Lever


We want to take opportunity of this moment to say a heartiest thanks to PowerAD. We could never believe that our sales graph would reach the highest after choosing PowerAD as our Advertising Partner. It has been another steamy month of success since we advertised on utility bills for 6 months time. A long lasting relation of success for us is clearly visible.

Arif Qasim
Chief Executive


We only bought a small space for a bit of fun, thinking that everyone is doing this why shouldn’t we, but now it's as we're a part of bills history, as we want to do this again and again with the largest spaces available. We found out through our experience that targeting female gender through utility bills is much easier than any other medium. We'd like to congratulate PowerAD and its team. It is the most cost-effective marketing tool we ever encountered."

Mazhar Munnawer
Azhar Corporation Private Limited

“In the beginning we were very skeptical about advertising on electricity bills but now we can surely say that the clients’ response is undeniably first-class, our sales increased and we are still collecting the goodies from this package. We have gone nation wide on utility bills once and will love to be there again.

Rub Nawaz

Reckitt Benckiser has a very nice experience of advertising on utility bills. We are specialized people who like working with specialized people. We would say that PowerAD has all the powers in it when it comes to advertising. We want to congratulate PowerAD on providing cheap, target oriented advertising medium to the business sector in a country that needs media to boost its economics.

Hassan Idris
Media Manager

As a company running the biggest chain work comprising 1400 outlets throughout Pakistan, we want our medium of advertising to be as powerful as us. Advertising on utility bills gave us more than we expected it to deliver. The biggest features of advertising on utility bills we feel are free Recall value, customizability and reach. .

Irfan Qureshi
Brand Manager

Venture is our game and we want to hit every target in view so medium choosing is quite a painstaking task for us. We were not so sure about advertising on utility bills until we went for it. After that it’s like this was the medium we always wanted to opt. The number of our callers increased drastically and we had to install a new IVR server to cope with this number.

Arif Shaikh
Ad Creator

“Power Ad provided Warid Telecom with the opportunity to use utility bills as a medium which had a large and varying reach and was cost efficient as well. This medium has effectively become an essential support in all of Warid’s campaigns.”

Hamid Farooq

We are more than pleased to say we are one lucky client of PowerAD that went for the utility bill medium and earned our reward for doing so in the shape of business boost beyond expectation. This medium has a charm as well as effectiveness in it. We hope this medium prospers more and we can surely say that tomorrow belongs to this medium.

Ejaz Hassan
Executive Director Business Development

At first we were quite hesitant to advertise using this medium but the bold step paid off and I must say it paid well. The response was almost enormous and the effects were yet even more encouraging. Best of all, we reached remote areas using utility bills very easily and effectively using this medium and we can say with guarantee that nothing is better than utility bills for remote area coverage. We have already decided to opt for this medium of advertising on utility bills using PowerAD. Have you?

Sarim Alvi
Country Head


Advertising on utility bills is great. You are missing a whole new set of opportunities if you don’t switch to this medium. The matchless and absolute cost efficiency and reach is so dynamic and yet right on target. If you are looking for a prompt success, don’t forget PowerAD is there for you as it was for us.

Tanveer Queshi
Chief Executive
Gawadar Builders & Associates

It was wonderful experience to take a ride on new advertising vehicle “utility bills”. The response was so amazing and encouraging. My sales and marketing team were quite satisfied with the results and felt like we are buying every day full page of advertisement of Jang for a month. This medium is very much cost effective and very suitable for the construction industry since their target market is decision maker of house. After doing the first experience, I have launched new project with the name of “Silicone Valley”, which was advertised only on utility bills of Lahore and Islamabad city, all the plots were sold within 15 days time.

Mian Javed

This is very much focused medium which fulfils all the needs of media buyer and advertisers. This is very useful advertising vehicle for consumer promotion and corporate advertising as well. Since, we have advertised more than 15 months on the utility bills we have realized that the recall value is very high in this medium.

Sameer Khan
Media Manager
We have used this medium for corporate and product promotion in Karachi and Lahore specially in A category areas and feedback was excellent and quite enterprising.

Ahmad Khan
Executive Vice President

In the beginning we were quite reluctant to advertise on bills, but one day our president asked me to do advertise on the bills. In the first phase we took the 50% bills of area Karachi Defense and 100% area of Gulshan Iqbal. The response was so encouraging that our customer service was not able to cater the customers due to work load.

Shaifq Pasha
Vice President

That was great day for me when my boss appreciated me for inducting the utility bills in the media plan. The car financing campaign was launched on the bills of Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Rawalpindi for the A category areas. The response was tremendous. Our customer service staff used to sit till mid night for potential customers due to heavy response. Furthermore, we have advertised for one month, but its impact remained up to 60 days. This is very much cost effective to reduce our cost per acquisition.

S. Saifullah Kazmi
Assistant Manager Marketing

This very much targeted medium to target the decision makers. It gives us full control to utilize this medium as we want. This is amazing and result oriented.

Mariam Paracha
Head of Corporate Communication
Before advertising we were under impression that this is useless medium and nobody views the bill. But when our senior management allowed us to do an experiment the response was so high that our CMD phone number and 10 board lines became insufficient to handle the inquiry. Then we have realized the strength and effectiveness of this medium.

Ibad Jamal
Marketing Manager

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